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March 16,2003

The first Jagriti e-Sewa Kendra of Jalandhar was inaugurated at Village Sangdhesian
near here today. The introductory presentation was attended by a large number of 
residents of the area.

Jagriti e-Sewa is a chain of information and service centers in the rural areas of Punjab. 
The centers use Information and Internet technologies to enable services  specific to the 
rural needs. Under the scheme, educated rural for the local areas are trained and provided 
with the necessary training and support to set up Jagriti e-Sewa Kendras or kiosks.The
Kendras are located such that each Kiosk servers a population of about 25,000 to 30,000. 
About 800 such kiosks are planned to be set up in Punjab during the next financial year,
thus providing gainful employment to more than 1500 person and their dependants.

The inaugral seminar on the vision of Jagriti e-Sewa was delivered by Mr. J.S.Sandha,
the conceptualiser of the project. During the seminar, he pointed out that Jagriti has been 
built on very specific and advanced technologies. For one, the whole system was based on 
Linux Operating System which doesn't require any software licence and offered Higher 
Level System which doesn't require any software licencing and offered higher level of security. 
This meant a saving of a minimum Rs. 20,000 for each kiosk, resulting in a saving of a whopping 
Rs. 2 crores for the 1000 kiosk planned during the next financial year. Secondly, all services 
rendered are based on internal assessment and the service, product and information needs 
of the rural areas.

Jagriti e-Sewa kendras render services in the rural areas in three broad areas: Agricutural 
development and linkages (distribution of advanced Agricultiral Inputs, Farmer Guidance, Organic 
Farming, Contract Farming); Communication Services; (Phone/ Internet Based); Financial Need 
(Insurance,Pension,Home/Vehicle Finance).In addition,e-Governance services are rendered 
where ever tie-ups exist with the state or district administration.

Sh. Kewal Singh Uppal, a leading NRI froom the area, inaugurated the website
www.jagriti.com and exhorted the people to adapt to latest technologies to maintain lead in all 
aspects of life. Representatives of the Panchayats of the area welcomed the Jagriti team on the 
occasion and praised their efforts in bringing latest technology to their area. They assured full 
support form the people of the area.

April 18,2003
Jagriti reaches 5th  District of Punjab with the signing up of its first franchisee at Butter (Tehsil 
Baba Bakala), Jagriti reached fifth district in Punjab within five weeks of their launch in Punjab. 
Other districts already operational are Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Nawanshahar & Ludhiana. 	
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