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We are lookinig for highly motivated and hardworking individuals to join our team at varios districts of Punjab. The skill set required is flexible, Broadly, the activities that the team members normally do are:
  1. Marketing:- Locate & meet the prospective koisks franchisees. Explain the Jagriti concept in detail & see if the prospective person is intersted.
  2. Koisks Setup:- Franchisee training & inclubation:- Help the franchisee in kiok setup , train him an operations and providde day-to-day help in making the kiosks fully operational. The activity also covers technical & operational setup.
  3. Tie-ups/Operations:- Includes evaluation & creation of thrid party tie-ups for products & services incorportaing any such addition till such time they get stabilised.
  4. Application Development:- Modelling the new applications, development of such applications testing & inclusion in Jagriti software is Linux-Based , hence knowledge of Linux will be added advantages.
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Jobs @ Jagriti
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