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Each Jagriti e-Sewa kiosk is set up in order to serve approximately 25,000-30,000 population.
The kiosks is owned and operated by a 'Kiosk Franchisee'. The 'Kiosk Franchisee' is typically 
an educated youth or an ex-serviceman from that area. It is ensured that the kiosk has adequate 
revenue streams so as to justify its operations. The 'Kiosk Franchisee' gets a part of the 
revenue collected from the services rendered by him. the share depends on the type of 
service and varies from time to time.

JAGRITI involves local educated youth or ex-servicemen having  computer knowledge and want 
to do something new for their area through e-revolution.

Infrastructure Required for a Kiosks
  • Place for adequate Seating Capacity ( Appox. 10' X 10').
  • Computer ( P-III or Equivalent).
  • Inkjet Printer.
  • Scanner.
  • UPS for back-up.
  • Telephone Line.
  • Internet Connection.

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