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Vision / Mission
What is Jagriti ?
1. What is Jagriti E-Sewa ?

Jagriti is a rural networking platform which is also used for e-Governance. The 
whole concept is enabled and driven by latest advances in Information Technology.

2. What kind of Products and services are available through Jagriti e-sewa ?

Jagriti e-Sewa conducts studies in rural and semi urban areas about the services and 
product needs of such areas. These studies are conducted by Jagriti on its own or are 
spoused through Academic/Research Institutions. If the studies indicate a positive 
contribution to the lifestyles and economy of these areas, the identified services/products
are included in the Jagriti e-Sewa model.
The list of such services is ever-expanding. For the present, the board classification of 
services is:

a. Communication Inputs:-          Mobile/Internet/VCC/Net-Phone cards, new connections
                                                          (e.g.Reliiance Telecom).
b. Communication Services        Internet telephony, home-delievered Hindi/Punjabi/English 
c. Travel Services                          Rail/Bus booking; Tour Operations.
d. Agriculutral Linkages              Entablishment of backward/forward linkages for agricultural 
                                                         operational. Agricultural inputs/produce;Contract farming.
e.Product Marketing                    Various construction, durables and other products (only 
                                                          reputed brands)

3. How is the Jagriti e-Sewa chain established ? 

Each Jagriti e-Sewa kiosk is set up in order to serve approxiately 25,000-30,000 popultion. The 
kiosk is owned and operated by a 'Kiosk Franchisee'. The 'Kiosk Franchisee' is typically an 
educated youth or an ex-serviceman from that area.It is ensured taht the kiosk adequate revenue 
streams so as to justify its operations. The 'Kiosks Franchisee' gets a part of the revenue collected 
from the services rendered by him.The share depends on the type of service and varies from time 
to time.

4. How is the society benefited ?

The society is benefited in several tangible and intagible ways, some of them are:

a. Customers/Consumer :           The customers get to benefit by being able to avail goods and 
                                                          services closer to their place of conevience.
b. Farming Community :               Is benefited by being able to access the information and 
                                                           products and services that are specially desinged for 
                                                           agricultural linkage.
c. Rural Youth/Ex-servicemen :    The whole concept revolces around providing a 
                                                           gainful employment to these sections of society. Apart from 
                                                           arresting the rural migration, this concept also enables the from 
                                                           'Digital Divide' to 'Digital Unite'.
 d. Social Uplift :                              A portion of the collections made through any 'Jagriti e-Sewa' 
                                                           Kiosk is given out as Jagriti's contribution for that area. This 
                                                           contribution is normally by the way of contributing books for the 
                                                           schools of that area or sponsorship of school competitions 
                                                           in that area.
e. Product Marketing                     Various construction, durables and other products(only reputed

5. How does 'jagriti e-Sewa' manage such a diverse range of services ?

Jagriti Kiosks Franchisees are carefully selected. They are fast learners and innovators. Training is 
imparted to them periodcally through experts in the fields handled by Jagriti. There is a
lot of hand-holding and guidance provided by the core Jagriti team to ensure uniformity,
consistency and high quality of servcies provided by Jagriti  across regions.

6. How is the quality of services of Jagriti e-Sewa monitored ?

The Jagriti e-Sewa Centers are monitored for the quality and quantity of services rendered. 
The macro measures such as service timings or log-ins or micro measured such as the 
enquiry rate, revenue collection, marketing effort etc. are measured and compared 
within the group or teh benchmarks.

The systems have been designed in line with the requirments of ISO 9001:2000 
frequently quality audits are conducted to ensure high level of conference to quality 
standards and customer satisfaction.

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