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What is Jagriti?
The objective of the project has been to establish and help operate sustainable community-owned, people-centric projects in the rural and semi-urban areas throughout India. The project has been envisioned to cater to the social, economic and development needs of the villages through a set of B2C, C2C and G2C model, thus bringing about a significant paradigm shift in the delivery/ exchange of these services with the use of IT. These services are brought to the people by the "Jagriti E-Sewa" kiosks. The kiosks are located at places in the villages where there is a sizeable flow of public on regular basis. Normally a kiosk is expected to cater to a population of about 20,000, or a radius of about 3 km. Bus stands,Banks, revenue offices and link roads have been observed to be the best locations for the kiosks. The whole system operates on 'Appropriate Technology deployment' concept. For example, ordinary telephone lines are used for intranet operation, the software doesn't require any OS license. On the kiosk front, a place with adequate seating capacity (approx 10'x 10') is recommended. A computer ( P-III or equivalent), Inkjet Printer, Scanner and a UPS for back-up is the only recommended equipment at kiosk. The kiosk, software and services can be operated by any individual who already has basic skills on computer operations.
Available e-Services
The services to be made available in any state depend upon the location-specific needs of people of that area. In specific reference to Punjab,the following IT-enabled services are designed: - Punjabi e-mails: sending and receipts. - Delivery of Prepaid cards: Cell Phone, VCC, Internet, Internet Phone. - Booking of travel seats: Buses to Delhi Airport, Railway Tickets. - Life Insurance policies - Agricultural input/ produce linkages. The same infrastructure can be used for extending e-governance services. The project is self-sustaining and as such doesn't require any investment from the Government. However, normally a MoU is signed with the Distt Administration. This MoU essentially lays down the responsibility areas and the interfacing mechanism between Jagriti and the Govt.
Jagriti e-Sewa in Punjab
Jagriti e-Sewa project is already operational in five Districts of Punjab (India) namely, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Nawanshahar, Kapurthala & Amritsar. The project will reach five more districts by May 2003. About 800 Jagriti E-Sewa centers have been planned in Punjab during the financial year 2003-2004. The work will extended to 3,000 location by the Year 2004-2005. Jagriti e-sewa core team values your interest and participation in the project. As an upcoming, knowledge-based organization, we welcome new ideas, opportunities and feedback for improving the quality and content of Jagriti. We will welcome any new initiatives and proposals for extending participation in new areas outside Punjab.
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